Crown Plastic Pipes

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  • Hot & Cold potable water supply in residential and commercial buildings
  • HVAC and compressed air system
  • Pipe networks for rainwater utilization system
  • Pipe networks for agricultural & horticultural use
  • Pipe networks for swimming pool facilities
  • Pipe networks for aggressive fluids (acidic, alkaline & corrosive chemicals etc.)


Crown Plastic Pipes Factory products are designed to meet the harsh climate conditions of the GCC region and places emphasis on Quality, Reliability and Economy.
Crown Plastic Pipes Factory follows strict in-house Quality Control and backed by testing through independent laboratoeies of international repute to certify the quality of pipes and fittings.
Crown Plastic places great emphasis on customer satisfaction through quality products. The company’s operational excellence is evident throigh its established Quality management system which complies with ISO 9001 – 2015 standard, certified by quality Accreditation
Bureau for Qualified Companies (QAQC), USA.

Raw Materials

Crown Plastic PPR pipes are produced from the world’s proven highest quality raw materials producers.


  • Very long life time with a guaranteed service life of 50 years

  • Cost effective pipeline networks

  • High impact strngth &flexibility

  • Damage resistance

  • Damped vibrations and sounds are absorbed resulting to noise reduction

  • Light weight, easy to install and low labour cost of installations

  • Resistant to corrosion as compared to metal products

  • Environment-friendly as it takes less energy to manufacture PPR pipes and are recyclable compared to its metal counterparts

  • Hygienic and non toxic compared to metal or other plastic products


The colour of Crown Plastic Products are available according to the standards and custom colour

Crown Plastic PPR Pipes

Crown PPR Pipes

Parameters of PPR Pipe SDR11/PN10 in accordance to DIN 8077/78

Parameters of PPR Pipe SDR7.4/PN16 in accordance to DIN 8077/78

Parameters of PPR Pipe SDR6/PN20 in accordance to DIN 8077/78